Wrestle Kittens 19 – Ariel X vs Whitney full video

Its Ariel vs Whitney in this battle of the babes in white bikinis! Whitney should have known better than to try and show up Ariel after witnessing her dominate Danni just minutes prior to this bout. But the pretty blonde ends up having to learn the hard way and goes through as much torture as poor Danni. You guessed it, just like the last bout this is one sided all the way. Ariel was not tired out at ALL by Danni and whips out much of her repertoire. From all types of pins, scissors, smothers and sleepers…poor Whitney is in for a long night. Even a standing reverse headscissors at the edge of the bed! Ariel gets her verbal submission over, and over again. Watch this from start to finish as Ariel will leave you AND Whitney Breathless! Order the entire video now!

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